Marine Corps Engineer Association

2014 Reunion


The Pala Resort & Casino, Pala, CA. was our headquarters for the 2014 reunion and awards banquet. We had $99 run of the house room rates effective 19-23 Oct. That is $30 less than standard rate. $16 Resort fee was waived. Complimentary wireless internet in guest rooms and meeting rooms.  Menu prices were less than current prices due to executing the contract in Feb 2013. 50% discount on biz meeting costs and 20% discount on Audio/visual support. No charge for super backdrop of huge American and USMC flags and the stage. Welcome amenities to select guests. 6466 sq ft of banquet room provided for all 3 meeting events. No sales tax, but 18% service charge.

Once again, we had a smaller turnout this year due to the economy and sequestration which prohibited the active/reserve Marine Corps and Navy units from using their funds to support TAD of the award recipients. 8 active duty MCEA and 2 SAME award recipients attended at their own expense, with banquet fees and hotel costs covered by the Society of American Military Engineers! Of our 75 members who reside in California, only 13 attended. We used less than 1/3 of the blocked hotel rooms and did not meet our minimum guaranteed food/beverage amount, but the hotel management graciously lowered the minimum as well as absorbed other charges.

Reception Monday, 20 Oct. 1900-2200; $15 rate for medium appetizers and a cash bar for the 53 attendees. We did make the minimum receipts from the bar so there was no charge for the bartender.  Loss of $118.10

Biz meeting Tuesday 21 Oct, 0830-1300 Started a half hour later than normal and therefore had no food, just coffee, tea, sodas. $10/person; 24 attended the briefings and 17 stayed for the meeting. See the biz mtg minutes for details. Loss of $ 46.45

Ranch House tour, 21 Oct, 0830-1200 $22/person with 14 attending. Loss of $126.54

Awards banquet 21 Oct, 1800-2130: 1800 cocktails. 1900-Buffet Dinner with 3 entrees at $65/person. 93 registered to attend plus 40 NCO & below engineers from the Camp Pendleton engineer units attended the banquet free of charge to them and graciously funded by: Quality Control (MSgt Wayne Gatewood, USMC (Ret); LtCol Brad Foore, USMC (Ret); Capt. Don Sumner, USMC (Ret). General Fund paid for 8: Guest of Honor, Colonel Scott Baldwin and the Color Guard, photographer plus husband and bagpiper. Door prizes were held as we were finishing our dinner and before the start of the program.  Loss of $542.60

Tour of Camp Pendleton and engineer units, 22 Oct, 0830-1600 $23/person; 26 participated in tours of 7th Engr Spt Bn: Engr Co, MWSS 372; 1st CEB and lunch in 22 area Mess Hall. Loss of $241.55

Participants Totals
Awardees 10 + 8 Guests 18
Corporate Members 6 + 1 Guest 7
Guests 16
Members 25 + 24 Guests 49
Non- Members 7
Engineer NCO and below paid by Sponsor 40
Attendance 137


Net on Fees:                                                     ($   640.79)

Plus Award Sponsorship Surplus:                      $3,946.46 Overall Reunion Accounting:     Net gain of      $3,305.67


Treasurer comments:

The lower attendance means fewer bodies to cover other fixed costs. Additionally, having to make multiple shipments of smaller numbers of plaques and shirts to a variety of locations cost more than one large shipment. The Pala Resort management credited us with several hundred dollars; otherwise our loss on fees would be over $1,000.

While our registration and event fees did not cover all the costs, as it has so often been, our Sponsors continue to cover the shortfall and MCEA stays in the black.  I would note that the excess in sponsorship fees is what allows us to recognize and award engineer honor graduates of a variety of schools.


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We will follow up this after action report with a couple of questionnaires for you to complete regarding future reunions.

Please contact Frantz at if you have any questions or desire more details.