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“Engineers Up” is not some empty motivational catch phrase but a call to action.  In this instance it was a call to support the long overdue and much anticipated construction of our Engineer Monument.  Your Executive Committee and others have worked for over three years to get to this point and we can now report Mission accomplished as the MCEA Engineer Monument was officially dedicated 14 May, 2014.

This has been the most important project that our Marine Corps Engineer Association has undertaken to date.

We must always remember how blessed and privileged we are to be Americans!  As members of the military family, we also painfully realize those privileges are protected by our military at a very high cost. We can never truly repay the men and women who served in the military, whether it was three months or three decades.  But, we have an obligation to remember and honor their legacy!

Our fallen heroes and deceased veterans have not died in vain!  They served selflessly; they fought bravely; they sacrificed nobly.  They exhibited the finest traditions of duty, honor, courage, and commitment to GOD, Country, Service and family!

Click to view our video which is an 18 minute slide show, with music, showing the highlights of the design and construction of our Monument    MONUMENT PROJECT VIDEO

The below Monument Dedication Ceremony Video was taken by the Quantico Media Center. The entire Video is 1 hour and 34 minutes. We have broken it down into 4 parts. To View, click on part, your media player will render the video (media buffering) you choose, please be patient, depending on your internet speed it could take several minutes.

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Part 3   

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As part of the monument area there are a series of bricks surrounding the Engineer Monument which can be purchased and personalized to honor all our engineer brothers. To find out more about our brick program click the link below.