What is the membership eligibility? All former and current Armed Forces personnel who served with Marine Corps Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Units or in support of Marine Corps Engineer Units or US Marine Corps Base and Station billets. Also the next of kin of deceased MCEA members.

Why do I need to register? You need to register the first time you visit our website so we can verify your status and validate your account. If you are already a MCEA member, once validated, you’ll have access to the entire website. If you are not a MCEA member, but are validated, you’ll have access to all but the downloads and business section.

How much are dues?

Individual: $25/year; $60 for 3 years; $500 Life; Active/Reserve Duty: $30 for 3 years
Corporate: $400/year

How do I become a member? Complete the form and make your payment using your credit card or PayPal account on the “Becoming a Member” page in the header line, just above the logo.

What are the membership benefits?


– Very affordable dues for yearly, multi-year & lifetime membership! 100% of dues and all contributions are tax deductible.
– Contributions to MCEA, Unit brick program and school sponsorship qualify for the Fellows Program.
– Access to members’ roster and capability to locate and reconnect with Marines and Sailors from former units
– Annual reunion with opportunity to interact with veterans as well as active/reserve duty personnel, corporate members and
“Best of the Best” award recipients and their families
– Subscription to MCEA newsletter
– Notification of employment opportunities especially in the DOD and civilian engineering community
– Capability to interact daily with other members via website and email and receive updates from MCEA
– Unlimited access to website and special “members only” section
– Access to history, lineage and other information about USMC engineer units
– Availability of unique MCEA Ship’s Store items; – Discounts on Military Historical Tours, Inc

– Affordable annual membership dues of $400; 100% tax deductible
– Membership in elite MCEA Fellows Program
– MCEA corporate members packet to include a customized golf shirt
-Active duty and Reserve individual and unit award sponsorship opportunities
– Annual Awards Banquet
-Opportunity to brief and display your products/technology
-Ability to interact with Marines and Sailors who use your product/technology
-Opportunity to interface with representatives from Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps on the future of Marine Corps           personnel and equipment
-Opportunity to meet the year’s “Best of the Best” in the Marine Corps Engineer Family
-Recognition from Guest of Honor during the banquet and picture included in newsletter and on website
-Ability to interact with other sponsors on future collaborative efforts
–Name and logo on MCEA website and in annual MCEA newsletter
– Subscription to MCEA newsletter
– Unlimited access to website and “Members Only” section
– Access to history, lineage and specific information about USMC engineer units
– Availability of unique MCEA Ship’s Store items
– MCEA Member Discounts from Military Historical Tours, Inc.

What are the contents of this website?

In the header line, above the logo, you’ll find the pages for: Bylaws; Becoming a member; Member login;    Upcoming events.
Home tab: Engineer Monument; Brick program; Brick locator
Registration tab; form to complete
FYI tab: FAQ; Fact sheet; Awards pgm; Calendar; Combat Casualties; Corporate Members; Fellows Pgm; Honor Roll; Links; Ships Store; Supporters
Reunion tab: all reunions beginning with 2006
Gallery: thousands of pictures in multiple categories beginning with WW II and every conflict since, plus all the pics from all of our reunions beginning with 1992
Our Downloads and Business tabs are for Members Only

Make donations or course sponsorship payments at the payment buttons on the bottom of the Home page.

MCEA You Tube channel:

MEA1_jpg      https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvtwfA2tKtrvee5mKhuyMOA

Can I add uploads to the MCEA channel or the download section of the website? No; due to security procedures, you’ll need to send the files as an attachment or provide the link to our webmaster. Once the file is approved, we’ll upload videos to the YouTube channel and pics to the website Gallery.

Where can I find out more about MCEA? Download our fact sheet from the FYI tab.

Where can I see if my friend is deceased? Our Honor Roll lists all MCEA members who are deceased. Click on their name and you’ll be taken to Together We Served website where the members’ profile can be viewed and you can post comments.

Any questions, contact our Webmaster, Geoff Nicely, who’ll respond or forward your question to one of our Executive Committee. webmaster@marcorengasn.org