Your Marine Corps Engineer Association has been working with the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation (MCHF) to procure engraved bricks to surround our MCEA Monument in Semper Fidelis Memorial Park overlooking the Museums awesome structure.


For a tax deductible donation of $300, your name, or that of someone you wish to honor or remember, will be engraved on a brick. MCEA has and will continue to solicit contributors to purchase the brick (s) at the standard rate of $300/brick. There is no discount for multiple purchases. Several times a year in conjunction with the MCHF schedule, MCEA will submit the received brick orders for purchase and installation. Based on MCHF guidelines for bulk purchases, of the $300 donation, $210 will be forwarded to MCHF for payment and $90 will be retained by MCEA to support our Brick Program explained below. We also will provide MCHF with all required information for each brick.

Your engraved brick will affirm for posterity your Esprit de Corps with the men and women who risk their lives for the freedom we value. And your gift will help the National Museum of the Marine Corps preserve Corps history and heritage, and forever attest to the honor, courage, and commitment that embody America’s “first to fight.”

For each $300 gift, you will receive a special Certificate of registration recognizing your contribution and confirming the inscription(s) you have submitted as they will appear on the engraved brick(s). Your name will be included in the list of brick owners, located on the website.

Space for our unique MCEA bricks surrounding our Monument is limited and they will be installed in the order in which purchases are received. So please place your order immediately to add to our Engineer history! We currently have 247 bricks purchased with all installed. If you missed the last deadline don’t worry we have another brick-buy due in a few months.

The D/L for our next Brick Order submission is 25 August 2020

Each brick line is limited to 20 characters in length to include letters, spaces, and punctuation; each brick can contain a total of up to 3 lines. Each line must end with a full word or name (words and names will not be hyphenated and continued on the next line). You may purchase as many bricks as you like. Bricks purchased separately may not be sited next to one another. You will receive a proof copy of your inscription before it is engraved into the brick.

If you would like to purchase a brick, you may either:

-Complete the order form below and email as an attachment to Tony Raniszewski at ( and pay using your PayPal account or by credit card, by clicking on the Donate button below.

-Or, fill in the required information on the form and mail, along with your check made payable to MCEA (annotate in the memo line: bricks). to:


6998 Highway 64 E
Wartrace, TN 37183

MCEA also has the capability to handle multiple owners of a brick. If you are a member of a unit or group and would like to purchase a brick to honor that unit/group with collections from members of that unit/group, all we need is a few extra items of information as follows:

-The name of the POC for the collection. MCHF will only issue one certificate and it will be sent to the POC for distribution to the unit/organization.

-A list of all the donors with the amount they contributed. This is needed for possible IRS receipts at year’s end. For donors of $250 or more we need an email address or home address.

-Who you would like the brick to be listed under (unit name, senior member, POC etc). All other donors will be linked to this name on our website for viewing.

-Do not co-mingle these funds with any other donations. A second brick is OK but don’t split the brick funds with a Unit fund donation or other donation.

Unit Brick Program

In conjunction with our Individual Brick Program, MCEA has initiated a Unit Brick Program to uniquely honor our many Engineer Units both past and present. These bricks will form a border around our monument. Much research was done and 124 units were identified. The list can be viewed by clicking on the Unit List button below.

Individuals can show their support for these units by either sponsoring an entire unit brick for $300 or by contributing any amount to the program. MCEA will combine your donation with those from other donors, and when enough is gathered, will randomly choose a unit from the attached list and purchase that brick. Individuals who sponsor an entire brick will have their brick submitted in the next buy and have their name listed on the brick owners list. The brick itself will be limited to the unit name only. The total purchase price or amount donated will be applied to our Fellows Program.

MCEA leadership has authorized the purchase of a minimum of 17 Unit Bricks with MCEA funds, to be bought over a period of time. This purchase began with 3 bricks in the 30 Aug 2014 block. To date we have a total of 91 Unit bricks purchased by MCEA and some of our members.

Why not join us for the follow-on buys and show your support for your Engineer Units?

To sponsor a Unit or donate to the Unit Brick Program use the same procedure as for individual bricks above. Fill out the Brick Order Form and email or mail along with your payment (Credit or check) to MCEA at the address above. Before sponsoring a unit be sure to check the Unit List to ensure your unit has not already been sponsored.

If you have recently submitted your order, here is a status of the current bricks awaiting completion. None awaiting installation at this time.

Brick purchases for Block 18 – Submitted December 2019, Install April 2020


If you have any questions concerning either brick program you can contact our program coordinator, Tony Raniszewski, at

If you have purchased a brick and would like to find its location, click the Brick Locator Button below.


Individual Brick Purchase

This button is for individuals/organizations that wish to purchase one or more “personalized” bricks. This is set up as a “Shopping Cart” button so individuals can combine with other payments.


Unit Brick Purchase

This button is for individuals/organizations that wish to sponsor one or more “unit” bricks.  This is set up as a “Shopping Cart” button so individuals can combine with other payments.


Unit Brick Fund Donation
This button is for individuals/organizations that wish to donate to the Unit brick fund.  This set up as a variable amount donation button.  It does not accumulate to the shopping cart.