You are not alone, there are many in our engineer family that are going through what you have gone
through. Your Marine will always be on our rolls and in our thoughts. We never remove the name
of our deceased members from our roster. It is because of this, the MCEA started a program for
you, where you can be a part of a group of those that have suffered the loss of their spouse. The
program is called Warrior Angels. You will be classified as an associate member of the MCEA,
with no dues required. If you choose to become a Warrior Angel, your name and contact info
will also be included on our members’ roster and you’ll receive all information from the association
and be invited to attend our functions. During our gatherings, we’ll have a separate program to
honor your Marine, meet those that served with your spouse, and interact with each other.
If you would like to be involved in the program, we need to hear from you;
please contact Pam Jeans by phone at 559-691-2328 or by email at


Marine Vet Michael Betts      ANGEL:  Cynthia Betts

Marine Vet Uwe D. Bigitschke     ANGEL: Sandra Bigitschke

Major Howard M. Markus         ANGEL : Pamela Bridges

1stSgt John F. Hager      ANGEL : Mrs. Calley

LtCol. Robert I Edwards            ANGEL : Laura Edwards

Major Charles D. Fay      ANGEL : Nancy Fay

Major Orlando (Al) Fernandez     ANGEL : Rita Fernandez

Major Joseph C. Floyd        ANGEL : Anna Floyd

1stSgt Charles E. Foster              ANGEL : Jennette Foster

LtCol Charles R. Gibson       ANGEL : Betty Gibson

Capt. Monroe Goodman          ANGEL: Lucille Goodman

Marine Vet Joseph L. Grimes         ANGEL : Dorothy A. Grimes

Marine Vet John V. Hodin     ANGEL : Susan Hodin

Marine Vet Duel N. Jeans     ANGEL : Pam Jeans

Marine Vet Russel L. Rynders     ANGEL : Dede Jecevicus

Marine Vet Thomas E. Lail     ANGEL : Angelia Lail

Capt. Donald W. Sumner          ANGEL : Trudie Latka

Capt Joel F. Lindsey                        ANGEL : Eva M. Lindsey

GySgt Leo F. Maxwell                       ANGEL : Lorrein Maxwell

Capt Richard D. Monroe           ANGEL : Hazel Monroe

Maj. Hubert (Bo) Moorefield                    ANGEL : Lorelie W. Moorefield

MGySgt Wayne A. Queen          ANGEL : Betty B. Queen

GySgt Richard T Perez                ANGEL : Barbara Perez

Marine Vet Curtis L. Ratliff        ANGEL : Kate Ratliff

MSgt Robert G. Rodebaugh              ANGEL : Jeanne Rodebaugh

Col Murray F. Rose                  ANGEL : Barbara Rose

Capt John L. Saulnier                    ANGEL : Barbara Saulnier

GySgt Billy K. Stewart              ANGEL : Cherry Stewart

SSgt Richard T York           ANGEL : Bertha York

LtCol. Russel B. Turpin            ANGEL : Barbara Turpin